Thank you for Registering with Alba Childcare Agency

We will help you maintain the quality of care provided by yourselves on a temporary or permanent basis. 

  • Bookings – Working with Alba Childcare Agency could not be easier, simply book online on OR phone 07713 121677 and state what your staffing needs are, you will be invoiced WEEKLY in a clear and simple format.
  • Rates – You will be invoiced at £ 12.53 per hour on behalf of the worker. 
  • Travelling expenses - may occur if any worker has to travel further than a 10-mile radius. This will be billed by Alba Childcare Agency on behalf of the worker at £0.30 per mile. However, we will try our utmost to recruit staff from your local area.

 If you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to call.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Alba Childcare Agency (hereafter referred to as ACA) is an employment business, and  agrees to recruit Temporary Staff to the above childcare setting. You will be charged for all hours booked. These staff members will become your employees and will be expected to follow all your policies and procedures, although, we will make payment to them on your behalf. 
  2. There is No finders fee incurred for offering a permanent position to an agency worker.
  3. Hourly rate charges to childcare settings for Recruitment Workers:   Nursery Practitioner/Support Worker - £12.53 per hour including agency fee at £4.29 .   Nursery Manager - £ 18.23 per hour including agency fee at £5.98
  4. Invoices are sent on a weekly basis. Payments to be made to Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance - Cheques should be sent to :Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance, PO Box 10484, Harlow, CM20 9GY. To assist them with identification please state on your payment advice both our name and the invoice number you are paying. BACS payments should be sent to: Sort Code: 30-00-00 Account Number: 00232793 with the remittance sent by email to [email protected] or by fax to: 01295 252019.
  5. In the event that payment is not made within 60 days we reserve the right to charge interest on all monies due (normal bank interest rates). If collection efforts then have to be made, by sending to an outside collection agency or turning over to an attorney, you will be responsible for all costs incurred to collect the amount owed.
  6. ‘Inclusive Cost’ includes deduction and payment of all statutory contributions in respect of Earnings Related Insurance and the administration of Schedule E, Income Tax (PAYE) applicable to the Temporary worker as required by law.
  7. Travelling expenses are charged at £0.30 per mile, for return journeys in excess of 20 miles.
  8. Whilst every effort is made by ACA to give satisfaction to the client by ensuring that the staff recruited have reasonable standards of skill, integrity and reliability in accordance with the booking details. No liability (by reason of the human element) will be accepted by ACA for any loss, expense, damage or delay arising from any failure to provide any particular Temporary Staff Member for all or part of the period of the booking or from the negligence, dishonesty or integrity of any Temporary Staff Member provided.
  9. Cancellation Charges:       More that 48hrs notice - no charge       Between 12 – 48hrs notice  -  50% of assignment fee        Less than 12hrs notice - 100% of assignment fee
  10. To comply with Scottish Care Commission and legal requirements, all potential staff have PVG Scheme Record/Enhanced Disclosures through Disclosure Scotland and all our Nursery Practitioners are fully qualified (HNC Childcare & Ed or equivalent).
  11. To comply with Health & Safety regulations, please inform ACA if there are any risks to health and safety known to yourselves and what steps you have taken to prevent or control such risks.
  12. In light of the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we have updated our Privacy Policy to ensure that is completely clear about what we do with your personal data and how it is protected.