Alba Childcare Agency is registered with Disclosure Scotland and can act as an Umbrella Body to offer the process of “Disclosures”, which are designed to enhance public safety by providing potential employers and organisations within the voluntary sector with criminal history information on individuals applying for posts.

There are three levels of Disclosure :

  • Basic Disclosure deals only with convictions considered unspent under The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.
  • Standard Disclosure deals with all conviction information.
  • Enhanced Disclosure deals with all conviction information and relevant non-conviction information which a Chief Officer or Chief Constable may choose to disclose if they believe it to be relevant to the position in question.

Once you have decided which Disclosure is suitable, you will need to Register with Alba Childcare Agency.   You will also need to read the Code of Practice and accept this as part of the Alba Childcare Agency contract terms along with the 'secure handling of disclosure information' and the 'recruitment of ex-offenders'. 

It is FREE to register with us, however we need a formal agreement to act on behalf of clients, so we ask you to register with us online.

As soon as we receive your request, we will post out Disclosure Application Forms, which should normally take 3-5 working days. Once each Applicant has completed the Disclosure form please return with payment of £32.50. This includes £20 for cost of Disclosure and £12.50 for administration charge. We will then process the Disclosures as quickly as possible, providing a service that is efficient and professional.

For further Information on Disclosures - visit


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